Microsoft SQL Developer and SQL DBA Certification Masters Program

This includes IN or NOT in, ANY or ALL, EXISTS or NOT EXISTS and more. Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Data Platform
Learn the hardware and software prerequisites for a successful SQL Server 2019 installation. How to upgrade databases from SQL Server 2016 to SQL Server 2019.

It is used in industries ranging from finance to music and can be a requested skill for roles that manage and interpret data. The projects and assignments were challenging and good. The support team was very helpful in the clarification of queries. You will get hands-on experience in SQL subqueries in real time.

Optimizing Database Objects

Learn how to use a Microsoft SQL Server to install, build, and design databases. Our SQL Server tutorials can help you understand database administration, including creating indexes and backing up and restoring the database. We recommend these courses for people with no prior experience that want to learn to use SQL in the context of data structures how to become a sql dba developer for data science-related implementation. You may be interested in familiarizing yourself with SQL more deeply to use it to access big data databases within your organization, or to use it for data science or data engineering needs. Whatever your end goal, this collection will cover the fundamentals of SQL and introduce you to its more advanced uses.

Yes, CourseJet provides 100% job assistance for the learners to help them get placed in top MNCs. Our trainers will help to create perfect resumes, will share the top interview questions, tutorials and necessary software installation guides. You will be working on real-time SQL Developer and Database Administrator projects and assignments that have high relevance in the corporate world, and the SQL Developer course curriculum is designed by industry experts. Upon the completion of the training course, you can apply for some of the best jobs in top MNCs around the world at top salaries. Intellipaat offers lifetime access to videos, course materials, 24/7 support, and course material upgrading to the latest version at no extra fee. Hence, it is a one-time investment to join this SQL Server Developer certification.

What is SQL?

More advanced online SQL courses may cover topics like relational algebra, database constraints, and semistructured data. As part of this training, you will be working on real-time projects and assignments that have immense implications in real-world industry scenarios, thus helping you fast-track your career effortlessly. You will learn to convert enlisted rational designs. Such designs will be usually enlisted within various users, user roles, user accounts and more.

sql server: developer and dba collaboration online courses

It offers a potential opportunity for you to explore various competitive openings in the corporate world and find a well-paid job, matching your profile. The final decision on hiring will always be based on your performance in the interview and the requirements of the recruiter. Even freshers from Intellipaat are technically strong and have hands-on experience. During the interview, they were able to answer everything that was asked.

Certification & Job Assistance

Intellipaat’s SQL Developer and SQL DBA combo training is a complete SQL master’s course that includes both the Developer and Administrator aspects of SQL. You will master the concepts of database functionalities, querying using SQL, deploying, maintaining, managing, and securing large databases, and also SQL Server automation through this combo course. The curriculum of this master’s in SQL course is in line with the requirements to clear Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) and Microsoft SQL Server certification exams. The SQL basics are relatively easy to learn when compared to other programming languages.

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All the above concepts will be covered in Our SQL Server DBA Course. You will become a master in all the concepts of SQL Server DBA because our trainers will make you learn very effectively. Our main goal is to make students satisfied with the training and place them in the top companies. Our SQL Server DBA Course Curriculum encompasses all the course modules with a clear description and the concepts covered in each module. CourseJet designs the syllabus in the learner’s perspective to provide comprehensive knowledge.