10 Practical Tips to Conduct Productive Remote Interviews

To go into more depth consider an online remote job course, such as this one from digital nomad Jordan Carroll. This 62-hour course is the complete Microsoft training bundle, course careers remote jobs covering Excel, Word, Powerpoint, from beginner to advanced level. It’s ideal for both improving your skills and proving your employability through a certification.

We can absolutely have these conversations “face to face,” even when we’re not in the same physical room. The author presents eight tips for employers seeking to master the medium in order to identify top talent from a distance. Like any job interview, a remote interview is a two-way conversation. Give candidates enough space to ask questions – actively encourage them to ask. You want to show all potential candidates that just because the interview is remote, it is no less professional than if you were to meet in an office. Be just as engaged in the conversation, so get rid of all potential distractions by finding a quiet space.

Tips to Nail a Virtual Job Interview

This five-hour course is accredited and will lead to an online resume, or portfolio. It’s perfect to build confidence when you look for remote programming jobs. Follow this two-hour course and then take the time to practice and hone your skills. This will help you build a portfolio and hopefully make a shift to a remote job. And then it’s hard to switch careers without the software skills. There are so many different digital platforms and each demands its own techniques.

If you’ve decided remote work is right for you, check out our fully remote job postings. With new postings added regularly, you’re bound to find a remote job that’s right for you. Not just for virtual assistants, this communication skills class will develop your employability and ensure your skills are relevant for a remote work environment.

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Asking about the company culture, what success looks like, and the main challenges of the role are good questions that show that you’re engaging with more than just the job description and salary. For example, nervous people tend to swivel more on an office chair. If this is you, swap your chair for a normal table chair instead.

  • When designing your remote interview process, consider the length of the interviews.
  • This introductory writing course will help you gain confidence in your writing and write professional documents more quickly.
  • Sales is almost the oldest profession around and the key skills haven’t changed for millennia.
  • Of candidates say it would be valuable to video interview with a member of the executive team.
  • Lastly, don’t use your smartphone unless you have no other alternative.

You don’t just do a course – you do a course to get a remote job. The globalised world was already responsible for causing an increasing number of remote interviews. With people hopping countries like never before and searching for jobs in distant lands, it was only natural that remote interviews were to become a common solution for the modern hiring process. Of course your remote job may require training in a specific software and employers don’t expect you to know them all. Employers want to see some familiarity and this is one of the best online courses for finding a remote customer job.

Have a plan B ready

But don’t be that person because we’ve also heard the stories of interviewers asking the candidate if they wouldn’t mind standing up or the doorbell ringing, forcing the interviewee to stand up. Finding a remote job is very different to finding a traditional job. One option is to read the free ebook, How to Work Remotely, which has a no-nonsense guide to finding remote work. Most copywriting jobs are now for web writing, and web writing has its own set of practical techniques. There are interviews, guest experts, and lots of interaction with tutors and students.

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